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Raw Buchu Honey 420g

Buchu is indigenous to the Cape region of South Africa, Buchu is an aromatic plant known for its multiple healing properties.

Non pasteurised
Not blended
No additives

Please Note: Because this honey is truly raw and has not gone through filtering processes, it may contain small pieces of honeycomb, propolis and pollen.
These pieces are harmless, healthy by-products of the beehive and are safe for consumption.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 1 year.

Ingredients: Pure Raw Honey
Country of origin: South Africa

This raw honey is from the fields of the Cape Floral Kingdom. Buchu was used by the indigenous Khoisan for centuries who believed it to be an elixir of youth. It is part of the Cape Floral Kingdom and is a protected plant.

Because this is pure honey, this harvest will vary in colour, flavour and consistency from other harvests.