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Why Beelal Honey is sustainable for the environment


Bees make up to three times more honey than what is required for them to survive the winter. Beelal Honey only harvests a third of the honey, leaving two thirds for the bees. It is important to ensure that the bees have enough honey to pass the winter. There is no need to feed the bees damaging, non-nutritional sugar syrups during the winter if enough honey is left in the hive.


We at Beelal Honey have our hives placed in the west-coast, away from large-scale, commercial, monoculture farming. When hives are placed in close proximity to commercial farms, the bees don’t only collect the nectar from plants, but also collect the insecticides/pesticides and fertilisers used on these farms, and that is what is processed and included in the honey that comes from these areas. Beelal Honey Hives are isolated away from these commercial farms, and aren’t exposed to any pollution, insecticides/pesticides and fertilisers. 

Beelal Honey is packaged in reusable glass jars, because it is more environmentally friendly than being packaged in plastic bottles. The glass jars that we use are manufactured from up to 70% recycled glass. Glass preserves the taste and freshness of its contents, plus it is a healthier choice, because it’s free of BPA and other synthetic chemicals. Additionally, it has a longer shelf life than most other forms of packaging, is less damaging to the environment during the manufacturing process, is 100% recyclable, and let’s just be honest here… it simply looks better.

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Thank you for considering all elements when farming honey – but most importantly saving the bees