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In our luxury range, additional attention has been paid not only to the honey itself but also to the minute details of the packaging as well. Attention is paid to the specially selected bottles that allow the true colour of the honey to reflect. 

This luxury range of honey is selected from the finest fields of the Western Cape floral sanctuaries, this honey is raw and pure.

We do not mass-produce any of our collections. According to scientists and National Geographic, bees produce 2-3 times more honey than they need. We only collect from the bees what nature permits us. This means that all our items are collected with that bit more care and love - and you can see that in the finished product!

Please Note: Because this honey is pure, it may contain small pieces of honeycomb and pollen. These pieces are harmless, healthy by-products of the beehive and are safe for consumption. Because this is pure honey, every harvest will vary in colour, flavour and consistency from other harvests.