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About Us

Our story:

Cape Floral Kingdom

Beelal Honey is a family-owned business that has a unique history with honey. Our honey story starts with four sisters. For years, our father travelled the world on business trips and brought back home exotic honeys from all the different countries he visited. We were very fortunate to be exposed to various honeys of vibrant colours, textures and flavours from all around the world such as Turkey, Europe, DubaiAmerica, India, and countless more. As children we were fascinated by these honeys and eagerly awaited our father’s return from his business trips.

Cape Floral Kingdom

Despite having tasted some of the best honey international markets had to offer, there was no honey that hit quite the same as our very own local honey. Our Local Cape Floral Kingdom produces some of the rarest honeys in the world, unlike any other. Beelal Honey was established in order to create a trustworthy South African honey brand. We have made it our goal to do justice to Cape Floral Kingdom honey by treating it as the magnificent treasure it is, liquid gold. The Beelal Honey brand is fuelled by a passion for providing you with these Cape Floral Kingdom treasures. The name Beelal has a deep emotional significance for our brand, as it comes from Bilal, our loving father, the man who started it all.

Cape Floral Kingdom:

Cape Floral Kingdom

Our honey is carefully selected from the finest fields of The Cape Floral Region- one of the world’s richest plant zones. There are only six floral kingdoms in the world, of which fynbos is the smallest and the only one found almost entirely within one South African province, the Western Cape. There are over 9000 species of fynbos found in the Cape area, of which 70% do not grow anywhere else in the world. Beelal honey is collected from these rare species of Cape flowers and produces a rich flavour unlike any other.

Cape Floral Kingdom Map
Quality Control:
Beelal honey is an authentic pure honey, tested in Germany by Eurofins, one of the most innovative and quality-oriented international companies. Eurofins is one of the leading global players in molecular clinical diagnostic testing. Beelal Honey undergoes the highest levels of testing procedures and measures to ensure that you are being provided with quality honey that meets the standards of the EU Honey Directive 2001/110/EC, Article 1 and annex II for Pure honey. Beelal honey is one of the few honeys that undergoes such stringent quality procedures and tests so that you may enjoy pure luxury honey of the highest calibre.